Protect Your Website

Website Security Best Practices – Protect Your Website

A website is the part of our daily life and business nowadays. From sharing your thoughts to promoting your business, the website plays a very crucial role. Building a blog or a website takes few steps to take….

web hosting security

Web Hosting Security Best Practice For You

Web hosting is the key role player when it comes to website building. It really doesn’t matter which CMS you use but you must choose a host that allows you to build a standalone website for your personal…

joomla security

Introduction to Most Common Joomla Security Issues

Joomla is a free open-source content management system(CMS) built with MVC Framework. Being 2nd most widely used CMS, Joomla is empowering millions of businesses and blogs. As a major issue, security has become one of the most common…

ssl security

SSL/TLS: Keep Your Data Hidden From Public

SSL Certificates or Secure Socket Layer Certificates were made to ensure that web servers and browsers have a secure connection. SSL uses a 3rd party CA or Certificate Authority. This CA is used to identify both ends of…

Web Server Security

8 Security Measures to Protect Your Web Server Security

As we all know, web server security is so crucial. Web server security is the most important task for any organization that has a web server. One must take some necessary actions to enhance web server security. Below…

dedicated server security

Best Practices for Dedicated Servers | Securing Your Server

Best Practices for dedicated servers In best Practices for dedicated servers land, you enjoy abundant freedom. You’re free to run the OS and software that best meets your needs (as long as that software doesn’t violate your provider’s acceptable…