There are many cases when an user visits your website and can not find the expected page or content. May be the page is wrong or has already been removed. In this case, your website shows a default 404 error page which is not recommended by search engines.  They always prefer to have a custom 404 page for each website.

If you are using cPanel as your control panel, you can easily create a cutom 404 error page by doing some simple task. Let’t learn how to do it:

Step 1: Login to your cpanel account.cPanel Login Interface

Step 2: Please scroll down to ‘Advance‘ section and click on Error Pages.error page section

Step 3: There are various options here and at this time we are selecting 404 (Not Found).404

Step 4: Selecting 404 not found option will take you to a new new page where you can create your own custom error page with different  HTML tags..Write your code here and hit the Save button.html tag box

Step 5: Congratulations! Your custom 404 error page has been created successfully.

Note that, you can customise any of the other listed error pages as well. By default, all accounts come present with standard error pages. You can return to custom error pages to edit existing error pages or customise different ones.

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