wordpress temporary url set up

How to Configure WordPress to Use Temporary URL

If you are migrating or transferring your WordPress website from one host to another, you might wish to ensure everything is in order before you change your domain’s nameservers. For example, if you are leaving your current host and your site has been migrated to EzzyTech, you can view your website using a temporary URL […]

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How to enable SSL on WordPress?

To Enable an SSL Certificate on your WordPress website follow these steps: Login to your WordPress website admin dashboard at http://domainname.com/wp-login.php Go to Settings option and you will be in General Settings page Find WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL) In the WordPress Address (URL) box, replace http:// with https:// In the Site Address (URL) box, replace http:// with https:// *Note that you must […]

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File Uploader

How to Increase the maximum file upload size

Very often we face an error while uploading a file into WordPress. It’s regarding the file size. There is a limitation of size on uploading files. And the limitation is in between 2 MB to 8 MB depending on different Web Hosting Providers. It’s not so hard to get rid of this error. There are […]

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