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Dedicated Servers

The Highest Level of Control, Performance and Security to Handle Big Traffic

Dedicated Servers with high redundant network

If you are running certain workloads, such as a database, a dedicated server is the only reliable solution to host your database. EzzyTech offers a broad and growing lineup of server choices for those looking to get maximum performance at an affordable price. Our dedicated hosting solutions are fully optimized for speed, security and scalability. Our Account Managers act as your "friend on the inside" while our Technical Support Engineers act fast to resolve any issues that arise.

Best Value Dedicated Servers

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly
Intel Core i5 4570 4 x 3.20 GHz 8GB DDR3 250GB HDD 10TB $69.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Core i7 4790 4 x 3.40 GHz 8GB DDR3 250GB HDD 10TB $79.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E3 1230 V3 4 x 3.30 GHz 8GB DDR3 250GB HDD 10TB $84.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E3 1245 V2 4 x 3.40 GHz 16GB DDR3 250GB HDD 10TB $89.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V5 4 x 3.50 GHz 16GB DDR4 ECC 500GB HDD 10TB $99.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V6 4 x 3.70 GHz 16GB DDR4 ECC 1TB HDD 10TB $109.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E3 1270 V3 4 x 3.50 GHz 32GB DDR3 ECC 512GB SSD 10TB $119.99 CONFIGURE

Best Configuration Dedicated Servers

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly
Intel Xeon E3 1270 V3 4 x 3.50 GHz 16GB DDR3 2 x 500GB SSD 10TB $159.99 CONFIGURE
Intel Xeon E5 1650 V4 6 x 3.60 GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2 x 500GB SSD 10TB $219.99 CONFIGURE

High Performance Dedicated Servers

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Monthly
Dual Xeon E5 2603 V3 12 x 1.60 GHz 64GB DDR4 ECC 4 x 2TB HDD 10TB $209.99 CONFIGURE
Dual Xeon E5 2620 V4 16 x 2.10 GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2X500GB SSD 10TB $299.99 CONFIGURE
Dual Xeon E5 2630 V4 20 x 2.20 GHz 32GB DDR4 ECC 2X500GB SSD 10TB $369.99 CONFIGURE

*All servers are available with only one IP address. **You can configure the server with up to 5 additional IPs. Purchasing over 5 IPs in addition to your server may be required to submit ARIN justification forms as well as submit to additional terms depending on the number of IP addresses desired.

Fast and Secure Dedicated Hosting Features

Rapid Provisioning

We are very much aware of timeliness. To provide seamless service we ensure that all servers are deployed within minimum time span.

Enterprise Hardware

Powerful server-grade processors with HDDs for a higher storage capacity or a lightning fast SSDs your dedicated server will match all your expectations.

Remote Power Reboots

Every Server on our platform includes Remote Power Reboots, you can soft or hard reboot your server on the fly without the need to contact support.

Free Dedicated IP

Each of the dedicated servers contains one free dedicated IP address. Extra IPs can be used with no monthly cost (excluding setup fees $3.00 /IP).

Fully Redundant Network

We are using enterprise grade hardware and our dedicated infrastructure ensures consistent network and performance availability.

Rock Solid Security

Our unmatched infrastructure provides higher levels of security and control, to help you address your security and compliance requirements.

Looking for a customized solution?

dedicated server

Easy Deployment with Perfect Customization

EzzyTech is providing a hassle-free solution for dedicated servers. We have lots of plans and solutions for beginners to deep level fish catchers. Just check out our dedicated server plans. We are offering Best Value Dedicated Servers, Best Configuration Dedicated Servers and High Performance Dedicated Servers. If you look through out the whole page you will have your dedicated server plan that suits your need best.

You have advanced significantly out of your new site that only received 200 visits monthly. You now have the 300-page monster coming for you to get an incredible number of hits each month. You are going to desire a much better web hosting plan than you'd before. A better web hosting plan.

Sure, your shared web hosting plan previously worked great before. Okay, very well, not keeping track of all those occasional down-times and by the way, that other time when another person identified your account security password and erased your complete web site. However, that merely won't do for your site as it's now. You have put in too much effort and your money into this challenge and it is ultimately beginning to produce some results.

We're better. Guaranteed.

robust support

24/7 Robust Support

You are backed by 24/7 robust support system. Our award-winning support team will resolve any kind of issue within minimum time limit.

root access

Full Root Access

All dedicated servers come with full root access. It allows you to reboot, reinstall and manage your server with security and ease.

uptime guarantee

99.9% Uptime SLA

If you are tensed about your server uptime, EzzyTech has got you covered. You server is guaranteed by 99.9% uptime availability.


Perpetual Security

When it comes to website security, the best way to go is to optimize your security rules for your content management system specifically.


High Performance

Where 1 second page load time delay matters, you don't need to worry about your website performance when you choose EzzyTech for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated server?

The bottom line is: a web server only for you. Dedicated servers form an entire system, in whose resources you are able to make the most of without needing to share all of them with anyone else. Dedicated servers for that reason seem sensible for challenging programs or wherever an online existence is governed by weighty use/traffic. On one side the main advantage of this hosting server would be that it is flexible and could be adjusted to accommodate the many consumer specifications, and alternatively, still it offers complete capability, providing you with endless hardware accessibility for instance.

Should I keep track of the hardware (e.g. the RAID) personally?

In the instance of an interruption of your respective hosting server or personal services, there is a chance to remain up to date by means of our tracking system by means of e-mail or Text message and you may also stimulate an automatic reboot by way of our reset system. A manual reboot of your host by our professionals does, having said that, usually take place when the client has asked for this through the ticketing procedure.

Keeping track of a RAID isn't stimulated whenever a web server is provided. Whether it accounts a dilemma, we get in touch with you and also arrange a time to perform a check.

Which operating system is set up on my dedicated server?

When purchasing you can buy from various Linux distributions. We offer the recent, stable versions of the most popular Linux OSs (CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, VMWare ESXi, FreeBSD and CloudLinux) and Windows OSs (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Windows Server 2016 Standard). for all dedicated servers.

Do you provide custom configuration as per my requirements?

Obviously, you can, in addition, have a server come up in accordance with your personal requirements. You can contact our support team via email/ticket, phone or live chat with your requirements and we will let you know if we have your preferences or available configs.

Do you provide DDoS protection?

Obviously. We know the catastrophic effects and loss of revenue that can be caused by a DDoS attack and treat server security and uptime very seriously. Each of our dedicated servers include free DDoS protection to maximize availability and prevent unexpected downtimes from disrupting your business and revenue stream. Our DDoS protection works seemlessly to filter out malicious traffic while passing through legitimate traffic directly through your server. We offer advanced settings to customize the protection specific to your applications needs.

Do you provide data redundancy & backup?

Maintaining data integrity is typically an after-thought. We understand that data loss can be a major crisis and offer several options for preventing this occurance. Each dedicated server is available with software RAID at no additional charge. RAID will add redundancy to prevent downtime and data loss from a complete drive failure. All of our dedicated servers can also be equipped with our affordable backup storage option. All of our FTP backup storage is RAID6 protected and monitored in-house for data integrity.

How many IP addresses come with my dedicated server?

Each dedicated server comes with free single IP address. You can purchase up to 5 IP addresses with each dedicated sever and additional IP (more than 5 IPs) addresses can be purchased upon request. You may have to submit ARIN justification forms as well as submit to additional terms depending on the number of IP addresses desired.

Do you provide fully managed services for dedicated servers?

Yes. You can configure our servers of your own requirements and choose Fully Managed for your server management. We will manage all technical issues of your server for you.

basic knowledge

Basic Knowledge Of Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the actual physical item of computer hardware that we rent for your requirements. It features its own CPU, hard disk drives(s), Ram and data transfer potential. Your site and its particular connected software program are going to be hosted specifically within this dedicated server's hard disk drives. Dedicated servers permit you to set up and operate nearly every program.

We furthermore permit other people, whom you have provided access, the opportunity to hook up with your dedicated web hosting server and make use of all those same applications simultaneously you do. It has made dedicated servers extremely popular among online gamers. Dedicated gaming servers provide the same options that come with our dedicated web hosting servers.

Reasons for Choosing EzzyTech Dedicated Server

But do you know the other advantages of working with dedicated servers? That is undoubtedly a sound query considering that dedicated server web hosting expenses considerably more than shared or virtual web hosting plans. However, with the higher price comes benefits and features which are considerably worth it.

There are lots of advantages of choosing dedicated server web hosting to your higher visitors, software-intensive site or video gaming software. We have outlined the most crucial under to guide you in the appropriate route.


EzzyTech Customization Procedure

Our dedicated server web hosting options enable you to completely customize or create your personal dedicated server. It is possible to choose and pay money for exactly the features which you'll need. It's easy to get your selection of operating-system software. The selection of this kind of software needs to be informed by taking into consideration in which system your online programs will function best. Our dedicated web hosting plans are additionally with control panel to work with. Plesk and Cpanel control panels are typically the most popular alternatives. Both equally will permit the hosting of several domains and websites but Plesk control panels have verified widely used mainly due to their simplicity of use as well as their capability to accomplish event administration.