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Domain Features Included

  • DNS Management

    When you register your domain with EzzyTech, you will get an efficient DNS Management system. With this DNS administration, changing records for your domain is easy!

  • Privacy Protection

    Whois privacy service will protect you from unwanted emails. Protect your registration details with Whois Privacy for only $3.99 per domain per year.

  • Control Panel

    At EzzyTech you can enjoy a hassle-free domain management tool. With our user-friendly control panel you can manage everything related to your domain.

  • Domain Forwarding

    Do you need to point your new domain to another domain or subdomain or port? EzzyTech gives you the option to forward your domain to another point.

Popular TLD Pricing

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .ws
  • .tech
  • .guru
  • .tv
  • .xyz
  • .design
  • .me
  • .review
  • .wiki
  • .auction
  • .ru
  • $12.99/y
  • $12.99/y
  • $12.99/y
  • $12.99/y
  • $12.29/y
  • $25.39/y
  • $61.89/y
  • $39.39/y
  • $39.89/y
  • $14.99/y
  • $51.49/y
  • $5.75/y
  • $39.59/y
  • $30.39/y
  • $32.99/y
  • $5.99/y
  • .co.uk
  • .org.uk
  • .us
  • .asia
  • .in
  • .club
  • .com.br
  • .eu
  • .blog
  • .co
  • .com.au
  • .cn.com
  • .co.com
  • .de
  • .in.net
  • .ca
  • $9.19/y
  • $9.19/y
  • $9.79/y
  • $17.89/y
  • $19.39/y
  • $17.19/y
  • $17.29/y
  • $9.79/y
  • $32.99/y
  • $32.59/y
  • $17.59/y
  • $50.29/y
  • $32.99/y
  • $11.99/y
  • $8.39/y
  • $16.39/y

**For each domain renewal & transfer prices are same as registration price.

Your questions, Our answers

Who Owns My Domain Name?
At EzzyTech all domains are registered in your name and email. This means you are the owner and you can do with it whatever you want.
How do I renew my domains?
Login to your account using the link above. Click "DOMAINS" Choose the domains you would like to renew and follow the directions.
How to get privacy for my domain?
Yes. You can enable privacy protection for your domain just for $2.99. It will keep your information private and you can be able o skip the spammers.
Are there any Hidden Fees?
No, once you have registered your domain name with EzzyTech it is yours, providing you pay the renewal every period it is due.
Why my domain is still available?
Your domain name may still appear available on some 'Who Is' search databases after you have registered it. Please allow 48 hours for your application to filter through all the registrars' systems.
Do I need to escalate my ticket?
You won't need to. Our management reads every single ticket and are actively involved in providing support. We will ensure you get the best possible support every time, without needing to ask for it.

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